North American Junior/Young Riders Championships

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North American Junior/Young Riders Championships


USEA Area IV Team Requirements and Resources

Date: July 27-31, 2016

Location: Colorado Horse Park, Parker, Colorado

Area IV Selection Committee To Be Announced

Area IV Coach: Emily Beshear

USEA Area IV NAJYRC Selection Committee shall name the 2016 Teams based upon:

  • Competitive record of horse/rider; consistency XC and SJ, quality dressage scores
  • Soundness of horse
  • Performance at Mandatory Selection Event
  • Involvement of rider within the Area IV Young Rider Program
  • Requirements as outlined on page 2.

Important Dates

Requirements to Earn Eligibility to Represent Area IV at NAJYRC:

  1. Age Requirements - Age is determined from January 1st of year of birth. (Like TB racehorses)
    NAJC CCI*: Rider must be between the ages of 14 and 18 years.
    NAYRC CIC**: Rider must be between the ages of 16 and 21 years.
  2. Submit Application to USEF by May 15, 2016 - Application will be available at
  3. Attendance at Mandatory Upper Level Young Rider Camp to be held in June 28-28th, 2016 at Otter Creek Farm in Wheeler, WI.
  4. Instruction by Area IV YR Coach Emily Beshear a minimum of 1 time prior to Young Rider Camp. Numerous clinics available throughout Area IV
  5. CCI* Applicants are required to compete at ONE of the following Mandatory Selection Events at Preliminary Level in Spring 2016
    Mill Creek Pony Club Horse Trials
    Otter Creek Horse Trials
    Roebke’s Run Horse Trials
    Fox River Valley Horse Trials
    Queeny Park Horse Trials
  6. Membership/Registration Requirements (see Resources below for links)
    FEI Registration for Horse and Rider
    USEF, USEA and Area IV Young Rider
    Horse owner required to be USEF member
    Horse must be USEF recorded and fully registered with USEA
  7. Additional Paperwork/Health Requirements (see Resources below for links)
    FEI Passport
    FEI Vaccination Requirements (link below)
    USEF Vaccination Requirements
  8. Meet USEF/FEI Competition Requirements as outlined below Competition Requirements for CCI*
    Earn 4 NQR at Preliminary Level to compete at a CCI* o Not more than 50 penalty points in dressage o No jumping penalties XC o Not more than 90 seconds exceeding xc optimum time o Not more than 16 jump penalties in show jumping
    Earn 1 MER at CCI* within Qualifying Period (January 1, 2015 – June 29, 2016) o Not more than 75 penalties in dressage o A clear round xc at obstacles (11 penalties at obstacles will be accepted) o Not more than 90 seconds exceeding optimum time o Not more than 16 jump penalties in show jumping

NAJYRC CIC** Nations Cup Qualifications are to be Announced

National Qualifying Results (NQR) 1.2 National Qualifying Result (NQR): an NQR is achieved by completing the entire Horse Trial and scoring. -not more than 50 penalty points in the Dressage Test; and - No jumping penalties at obstacles on the Cross Country Test unless specified otherwise, and not more than 90 seconds (36 penalty points) exceeding the optimum time; and - not more than 16 penalties at obstacles in the Jumping Test. -25 penalty points received for Dangerous Riding will not achieve a National Qualifying result.
Minimum Eligibility Requirement (MER) A Minimum Eligibility Requirement is achieved by completing a Competition within minimum parameters of all round performance as follows: a) Dressage Test: not more than 75 penalty points. b) Cross Country Test: A clear round (0 penalties) at obstacles (see Art. 520 for exception). Not more than 90 seconds exceeding the optimum time in the Cross Country Test for one, two and three star level Competitions and 120 seconds in the case of four star level Competitions. c) Jumping Test: not more than 16 penalties at obstacles. NOTE 1: All MERs obtained in previous years will be counted according to the rules in place at that time. NOTE 2: For 2015, 11 penalties at obstacles will be accepted as an MER. All rules documents will be updated as of 2016 – (updated 30.03.2015)

Resources Eventing Contact for NAJYRC:
Shealagh Costello
859-225-6923 NAJYRC

Official Website

Criteria and forms are to be posted on the official NAJYRC website and the USEF website 2016 NAJYRC

Selection Procedures- DRAFT

How to Qualify for a CCI* and What is a Minimum Eligibility Requirement

Horse Passports 101

FEI Vaccination Requirements

USEF Vaccination Requirements Registrations/Numbers Required 2016

FEI Rider Registration and 2016 FEI Horse Registration

USEF Horse Life Recorded

Owner must be active USEF Member and US Citizen

FEI Passport Application

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Event Date: 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 to Sunday, July 31, 2016

Open for Registration: 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 to Sunday, May 15, 2016
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